Thank you for your interest in the Fortis settlement. The deadline to file a claim has expired and no new claims shall be accepted.

The administration of the claims in the Fortis settlement is now complete and the settlement has come to a complete end.

This website is being maintained for a period of time for historical purposes only. The information on this webpage may therefore not be up to date.

Indicative compensation amounts

The table below sets out the indicative compensation amounts, before dilution or increase based on the actual number of Fortis Shares for which compensation was requested and accepted. Please note that these amounts were indicative only, as they were based on an estimated number of Fortis Shares for which compensation would be requested.

Now that claims processing is nearly complete, the final compensation amounts (expressed as a payment percentage per compensation bucket) have been determined as follows:

Buyer Shares 100%
Holder Shares 77.47907101%
Compensation Add-On 61.61642999%
Cost Addition 120%

You can find more information on how these payment percentages were calculated on the homepage of this website.

The table below therefore is for historical purposes only.

Indicative compensation in EUR per Fortis Share*
(21/09/2007 O.O.B. – 7/11/2007 C.O.B.)
(13/05/2008 O.O.B. – 25/06/2008 C.O.B.)
(29/09/2008 O.O.B. – 3/10/2008 C.O.B.)
Compensation for buyers (per Buyer Share) EUR 0.47 EUR 1.07 EUR 0.31
Compensation for holders (per Holder Share) EUR 0.23 EUR 0.51 EUR 0.15
Additional Compensation Add-On for all Eligible Shareholders EUR 0.50 per share with a maximum of EUR 950
Cost Addition for Active Claimants 25% of the compensation for buyers and/or holders
* Before dilution or increase.